RIP Keneka Jenkins

Jon Benet Ramsey, Natalie Holloway, and even in my hometown of Memphis, we are still talking about Holly Bobo….we have seen these women (non-ethnic women) on the news for years! People are still trying to find their killers! People will not let it go but, we hear about a young black girl, or woman, everyone is silent! I cannot sit back while we are being abused, misuse, mistreated, and not given the same media attention as other women! #KenejaJenkins #RIPKenekaJenkins #ProtectMe

All of these women deserve justice!! Why are black women and girls being left out??


RIP Bianca

My heart aches right now. 18 high school graduate leaving for college in two weeks….shot in the head in an alleged road rage incident. Too much I want to say but I won’t right now. Prayers to her parents. 

Really Black Man???

Race is not a random topic anymore. However, it is still tough to speak about. For those of us who are dealing with race on a constant basis…everyday of our lives, the subject is far removed from other’s realities. We live it. Everyday.

Especially, black women.

Black women have been ultimately disrespected since the beginning of time. We were only looked upon as being sex slaves for our white masters, baby carriers, baby sitters, or just needed for everyone’s needs…except our own. Needless to say, we, as black women have been taunted and hurt by media images and caricatures of who we are. But this topic is on to something else.

If you have been hiding under rock, you will not know who Tomi Lahren, a 24-year-old conservative talking head. Lahren often defends her positions using ad hominem pomposity, claiming real issues are symptoms of some despicable leftist agenda (really?). She is entitled to her Opinion-I respect that. What I do not respect is she’s complicit in media edifices that deliberately ignore how OUR system’s been built to exclude minorities (I guess all minorities are asking to be excluded. *sarcasm*). Where does this conversation lead to? Well, I will tell you.

Last week, Trevor Noah invited Blaze host Tomi Lahren to the Daily Show to interview her( he vigorously deconstructed the rhetoric she’s built her career off of). However, he sent her cupcakes afterwards (WTH?). I have never seen anyone send a black woman cupcakes for spitting her knowledge or lack thereof. I take it we are rewarding racist now?


And then, this happened…

Daria Wright-Charlemagne

So, let me get this straight-you do not know a black or Hispanic “woke” woman that uses social media (and other outlets) as their platform to bring about a new voice? Or speak against things that are contractually altered against minorities? We, as black women, do not use rhetoric to discredit another race or demean another human being. We are only looking to make our voices heard…not spout racist bullshit! Look Charla-whatever, you call yourself, because a God you are not-

How can you praise Tomi, this controversial commentator (even though she is something else but I won’t call names) while instantaneously ignoring—and expunging—the efforts of Black women who continue to put in daily work without receiving their just due from…get this… EVERYONE…AND GET THIS….THE BLACK MAN?


Why don’t black men-successful black men, use their platform to uplift black women and their accomplishments? Is that too much to ask? Who created the Black Lives Matter movement and for whom? Who created media outlets that catered to our culture? Who created stories for our little girls to know they are beautiful and worthy of love? Who can make a dollar out of .15 cents?

It seems as always, white women get a pass to speak their mind and still be considered beautiful and intelligent, while black women are consistently labeled as “angry black women”.

I am done.

But before I go-

Really Black Man?? Tell us how you really feel.


#SayHerName Deborah Danner

About 42.5 million American adults, which equates to about 18% of the population suffers from some type of mental illness including depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar diseases, among others. That is nearly 1 in 5 Americans…

NYPD killed another black woman with a mental illness on October 20, 2016. Her name….Deborah Danner.

That Tuesday night, Danner had been dealt with more than thirty years of schizophrenia. She was fighting with her family as she wanted to remove her sister, Jennifer, as her guardian. Her family nor her sister gave up on her. Danner was a bright individual who penned an essay entitled “Living with Schizophrenia” in 2012. According to Danner she felt “disappointed” by her sister and other kin and accused them of buying into the “stigma” surrounding mental illness. “Generally speaking, those who don’t suffer believe the worst of us who do,” she wrote. “We’re treated with suspicion as liars who can’t be trusted to control ourselves.” Old friends also abandoned her, she wrote. So did some of her relatives.

“I felt myself isolated and mostly alone…without their company or succor,” she wrote. “I was left to the tender mercies of a series of doctors and other mental health professionals.” Danner spoke about the need for more mental health training for police officers.

“We are all aware of the all too frequent news stories about the mentally ill who come up against law enforcement instead of mental health professionals and end up dead,” she wrote.

Eerily, this was her fate.

Officers went to her apartment around 6:00 p.m. after a neighbor called about an erratic acting woman. An officer encountered the woman who was wielding scissors, but he was able to persuade her to put it down. Danner, then reached for a bat attempting to hit the officer. An officer then fired two shots, hitting Danner in the torso where she later died after being taken to Jacobi Medical Center.

When will officer be properly trained on dealing with the mentally ill? When will society stop the stigma on people with mental illnesses? When will it end?

If you want to know more about Danner, you can google her. I am an advocate for mental illness and we need to revamp our guidelines pertaining to the mentally ill. They are not a threat to us, but we are a threat to them simply because we do not help them. We cast them away. Then they are gunned down as if they are murderers, rapists, and killers? SMH.

Say Her Name- Deborah Danner


No Charges! What’s New?

So, no charges???

Why does this not surprise me?

No Officers Charged in Korryn Gaines’ Case