A message from a BLACK WOMAN.

I could not have said it better myself…

Banathi's Journal.

When you think of media representations of Black Women what comes to mind?

Let me help you.

we have

1.The angry Black Woman

2.Gold Digger

3. Baby Momma

4. The high maintenance Black Woman who carries herself with so much grace and is respected by society she doesn’t even classify herself as a black woman.

5. oh, let us not forget the unhealthy fat woman.

A lot of you are probably reading this and thinking, OK where is this going?

Let me tell you, we are now in 2015 and the negative representation of Black Women are getting out of hand and really need to stop.

The media, TV shows, Films and even our own men play a part into this tarnishing image of ‘The Worthless Black Woman’.

Yes reality TV shows are entertaining, Myself and a lot of you watch them to get our minds of the stress in…

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