The Fairer the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice?

This was very enlightening. I love it…

modern blackgirl narrative

– Why dark-skinned Black women are obsessed with skin-lightening creams

Are you a dark-skinned Black girl who hates her skin tone? Are you tired of being called ‘Chocolate’? Well fret no longer because there’s plenty of skin-lightening cream to go around! “Skin-lightening has been big business in South Africa for decades”- IOL News. Dark-skinned Black women now feel as though they can finally rid themselves of the chains which their dark skin has enslaved them with. Skin-lightening creams lighten the dark pigmentation, also known as melanin, in one’s skin. Along with nasty side effects such as “permanent pigmentation, skin cancer, liver damage, mercury poisoning etc.”- Mail Online India (2013), these creams make any Black person look exactly like the white lady on the cover of ‘Fair Lady’ (not really, but close enough) – because after all, the penultimate idea of beauty is a white female (Singh, 2015).

No matter how…

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