Oregon Shooting-Another campus shooting

Another shooting….another day….has happened.

I will not post the killer’s name out of respect for the families that are hurting by the killing of their loved ones.

But I will say Let’s all remember and say this name-Thank you for your heroism, Chris Mintz.

A 26 year old male walked onto the Oregon College campus, Umpqua Community College-asking his victims’ their religious beliefs on Thursday morning. He made each person stand and line up. Anyone who answered Christian was shot in the head, while others who answered “other” or did not answer at all, were shot in the leg.

10 dead and 7 others are wounded. The killer is among the dead.

What we have found out about the killer is that he was a withdrawn young man who spent a lot of his time on the internet and was a member of a woman hating channel named “4chan”. This place is considered to be a safe haven for social outcasts and misfits who don’t like women. Apparently, the killer is “not religious, but spiritual”, according to some of his social media. Of course we will not know a motive until all investigations are complete. But it seems as if the hate for religion and women are becoming more prevalent nowadays.

My prayers are with the victims, their families, and the survivors during this tragedy. Check out what the President of the United States has to  say:


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