Why do You Hate Me?

My rant for the day- Why do you hate us so much?! Why do you hate me as a black woman????

Black women have been deemed undesirable, unwanted, ugly, unapproachable, unattractive, hard to deal with, and so many other words and adjectives. But it amazes me just how much the media, white women, white men, and yes, our black men hate black women. Black women are at the bottom of the “ladder” or the social hierarchy.  Media is a major component into why so many have a disdain or even a hate for black women. We are presented to be angry, loud, or whore-ish. You see, the media dictates our views of black women and we allow this every day. Nothing can change unless we do it ourselves. Stop feeding into these non-sense relationship experts (no, you don’t have to think like a man)…and be a supporter of the black woman.


Let’s get out there and counteract what the media is portraying to us.


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