Kudos to Ayesha Curry

This past Saturday, NBA’s Stephen Curry’s wife sparked outrage and “twitterness” in regards to her tweet. See below:


Ayesha Curry's Tweet

She also wrote that she’ll take “classy over trendy any day of the week.” Her taste in clothing set off a heated debate, with Curry receiving some backlash from people who believe she was “slut shaming” women who dress less modestly. I, for one, am happy she said what she did. We, as black women, do not represent ourselves in certain matters as we should. Now, everyone has a right to wear what they want to. However, she has a right to her opinion and was not shaming anyone. In my eyes, anyone who takes offense is probably the ones dressing in the manner she spoke of. There is nothing wrong with leaving something for “your man only”. Styles come and go-we know what’s trendy today, will be gone tomorrow. If you wear something revealing, you are revealing parts of yourself…whether it is your legs, breasts, or arms. There’s nothing left to the imagination! But this is not what I want to talk about.


After Curry’s tweet, I saw women coming for her head. Especially, black women. Instead of grasping that we have a young, black, 26 year old woman, being an entrepreneur and wife showing the great side of being young and black in this day in time; we want to bash her and call her “upitty” or “high on her horse”. I applaud Ayesha for her opinion. Sometimes the most unpopular opinion means you are being true to yourself. When will we as black women begin to uplift each other so that our daughters will know how beautiful, intelligent, and creative they are? Right now, our role models for black women are not looking too good. I am not one to bash black women but we must stop talking and degrading each other for our different hairstyles, weight, clothing, and opinions and embrace the originality that is WE.

BTW- I love them as a couple!Stephen_Curry_and_Ayesha_Alexander


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