I am calling all of this BS from now on….

As a black woman, there is one thing that I have understood since I was a little girl….that people do not like me because I am a black woman.

People tend to misjudge me based on preconceptions or preconceived notions delegated through the media. Corporate America tends to think I am a nuisance, know it all, too proud of my blackness, too judgmental-oh, Hell, they allow what others say about me to manifest in their spirit and think the same of me without giving me a chance. Didn’t your mother ever tell you don’t judge a book by the cover??

But what is most stunning to me is the caution that I got toward the end of last night from my news app that read, “No charges in Sandra Bland jailhouse demise”. WTF???? WTH? What do you mean no charges? A Texas terrific jury on Monday declined to prosecute anybody regarding the July capture and resulting death of Sandra Bland. If you recall, Bland was pulled over by police in Waller County, TX in July for improper lane change, causing she and the officer to have a confrontation prompting her capture and later her death. Be that as it may, let me know this-Refusing to put out a cigarette in your vehicle, which you have the privilege to smoke in, is not “popping off” or imperiling the life of an officer. The decision from the Supreme Court that permits officers to request individuals out of their vehicles is applicable to officer wellbeing. Since this officer had officially stated he was issuing her a notice, and was not going to make any further requirements, once she said no to the cigarette order, he should have just gave her the warning and let her go. He obviously didn’t fear for his safety or he would have requested her out of the car from the earliest starting point, or after first contact. His persona is the thing that brought on this whole circumstance….

When will black women step up and make the same noise for each other? We are so worried about the black man but what about us? We matter too! What are you going to do? I, for one, do not patronage anything that is detrimental to the image of the black woman; this includes reality TV of black woman making asses out of themselves for a dollar or any man trying to tell me how to keep a man when you have been divorced 3 or more times.

Sandra did not deserve to die!

But to make matters worse, a judge set a 2017 trial date for a wrongful death lawsuit filed by her family! 2017???!!! Really?!

I am so done with the BS! My life matters as well as others who fight social injustices every day!


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