2016 is almost here….

As we approach a new year, I wonder if 2016 will have a different outcome of events than 2015.

I wonder if we, as black women, will stop patronizing the things that hinder us as mothers, wives, sisters, and employees in this country.

I wonder if black women will ever be accepted as their white counterparts.

I wonder if you will stop judging me on the characters you see on reality TV and treat me like the human being I am.

I wonder if America will see black women as non-confrontational.

I wonder if black men will see us as being attractive, loving, healthy, and deserving of their love again.

I wonder if my daughter will know that she is more than her skin color.

I wonder if young black girls will know they are worth love, life, and all that it has to offer.

I pray that 2016 is a better year and that we only adhere to the positive in life.

Be blessed and Happy New Year’s!



One thought on “2016 is almost here….

  1. I wonder: Do African women know that they are all that and more? They were validated through their Mother Eve and need not seek the acceptance of another. I am not an advocate of hopes and dreams when it comes to the behavior of another, I merely suggest one to occupy in the first estate given to them by God. And no matter the hardships and difficulties…STAND in your Position until HELP arrives! It’s on its way!

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