Janese Talton-Jackson uttered this last word that would cost her the life she had.

No. No. No.

Yes, Janese uttered the simple two-letter word to 41 year old Charles McKinney and because of this….he shot and killed her. What did she do to deserve this treatment? Did she berate him? Did she belittle him?

No, she simply told the man, “No”.

She said no as in, I do not want to adhere to your advances towards me.

She said no, as in, thank you for calling me beautiful, but I am not interested in you at this time.

She said no, as in, I do not want to take your number.

As she left the bar, McKinney followed her out and shot her in the chest at close point range.

He did not take into account, that Janese was a mother to three children, twin girls and a 1-year old son. She was a sister, a daughter, a friend. Most importantly, she was someone, a black woman, that did not deserve to be killed becasue she refused a man’s advances. She was 29 years old.

The blatant disregard for black women has risen to a new high. This is not the first time a black woman was killed for refuting the advances of another. Mary Spears, of Detroit, was killed in 2014 when she refuted a man’s advances during a Detroit event at American Legion Joe Louis Post No. 375. Spears was approached by a man and she advised him she was already in a relationship with someone (her fiance’ was attending the same event). He continued to harass her to which security had to be called. Once he was secured outside the venue, he pulled a gun and shot her and several others.

How do we deal with the increasing anger towards our black women? I am frustrated over the lack of empathy and sympathy towards us. Now, I see, black men feel entitled to our phone numbers to call us and they especially feel entitled to our bodies and souls. Now, we have men so incompetent that you cannot stand rejection so you kill someone? a woman? She rejected your advances and, men, you can control how you respond to her rejection. The world is a dangerous place for women, especially black women and girls. see, I had these epiphany a long time ago that I would need  to get my daughter prepared to deal with foolish men and PUAs….pick up artists. Black women are targeted  and considered easy prey….becasue we are told time and time again, we do not matter.

Yes, those men that feel the need to have any and every woman known to man. I have seen and heard stories of women being approached and scared to refute someone’s advances becasue they do not know if they will be spat on, pulled to ground, or called a bitch (I have had all of this happen to me).

Male entitlement killed these women…and something has to be done about it. MEN, BLACK MEN, teach your sons how to be respectful and if a girl/woman says no….move on.

I am sad and disappointed at this point so I must stop writing. Chime in and let me know your thoughts.






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