Say Her Name: NeShante Davis

Mother & Daughter, Davis/Green

Neshante Davis and her daughter, 2 year old Chloe Nicole Davis-Green, were both killed this past Tuesday morning. This event happened in Fort Washington, MD.  A mother and her daughter, a toddler, were killed is an insane crime. What also makes this crime so horrendous is the person who admitted to carrying out the crime is the father of the 2 year old girl. Daron Boswell-Johnson, 25 was arrested and charged on Tuesday with a double-murder.

Boswell-Johnson killed the mother of his child and his daughter because he was ordered by a judge to begin payments of $600 per month of child support last December.

He approached Davis, demanding that she drop the order form the courts. Neighbors contest that they heard some arguing before three shots were fired.

You shot your daughter? You shot your 2 year old daughter? A child who has done nothing and did not ask to come into this world. You made your bed-so take care of the child. You shot the child’s mother? Why? Because she asked for support? Davis was a school teacher at Bradbury Heights Elementary School, where this misfortune has taken a toll on the students, parents and colleagues who knew her.

Back to Boswell-Johnson-

I do not know this man but to kill your own child is a sadistic thing to do. Here we have two African American females, whose lives were taken by a senseless act. The lives of black women and black girls are becoming non-existent…even to the men that were created to take care of us and cherish us.

My condolences to everyone involved in this heartbreaking, senseless, gruesome, and ever painful incident.

So, tell me…when do BLACK LIVES MATTERS to black people????




6 thoughts on “Say Her Name: NeShante Davis

  1. Thrilled to see you take this approach in the article. I have been saying this for some time now. Blacks in America keep asking for respect of our lives by outside parties, but if we cannot respect the value of our own lives, why should anyone else? The change has to start with us. At the end of the day, most of the Blacks killed in America are not killed by police at traffic stops, or by racist terrorists. They are killed by other Black Americans in random acts of senseless violence.

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  2. Any updates on this case? Can’t find any since their murders.

    In other “news”, it’s 2018 and Black women & girls are still hated by their own “community”.


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