Say Her Name….Gynnya McMillen

macmillen30n-1A beautiful child.

Aikido restraint is a Japanese form of self

defense utilizing wrist, joint, and elbow grips toimmobilize or throw one’s opponent.

Watch below for demonstration:

16 year old Gynnya McMillen was restrained after she refused to remove a sweatshirt she was wearing in order to be searched at Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center. According to reports, an Aikido restraint was performed by staff in order to safely conduct a pat-down search to remove the hoodie. “The purpose of having multiple staff involved in a controlled restraint is to ensure the safety of the youth and staff”, per Stacy Floden, the center’s spokesperson. The detention officer has since been removed from his position. The officer was employed with the detention center for ten years.

January 11, 2016, Gynnya was found unresponsive in this cell after spending the night alone. She was without a cellmate during that time. She was found at 9:55 a.m. after not responding to receiving breakfast at 6:30 a.m. and again at 8:30 a.m. (So, no one thought this was strange?). Her mother also called and she did not respond (Ok, this is a sure tell sign that something was immediately wrong). Yes, she was in a detention center but that does not mean she was a bad child. She was in unfortunate situations during her short life. Gynnya was living in Maryhurst, a child welfare agency but was going to counseling. Her father, with whom she was staying, passed away in 2014. This prompted the process of being placed with her mother. However, this relationship was very volatile with very successful counseling sessions and progressions (there is a 911 call from her mother that prompted her removal to the detention center. It is very disturbing to hear a mother speak in that manner).

After all is said and done….she is now dead. And two months later, still no answers.

There’s so many unanswered questions that I wonder when will we begin to protect our young black women? I understand in times, life throws you for a loop, but for a child….this is unacceptable. Our youth need guidance and understanding. Most times a child is reaching out for attention because of the lack of affection, love, or just a hug. At other times, a child is only showing a learned behavior. I cannot continue to write this as she is my daughter’s age.

Something has to give. Who is going to Protect them? Who will be there for our girls to show them there is a better way? How can we tell our youth hey matter when they do not matter to anyone?

I am done.

#ProtectMe #PleaseProtectMe #ProtectMeProject


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