We is Smart…But we make less.

Words taken from the movie, “The Help”….You is smart, you is kind, you is important.

Not only are we, as black women, beautiful…curvaceous (some of us), captivating, intelligent…Wait, yes! We are now the most educated group in the United States.

The National Center for Education Statistics has confirmed that from 2009-2010, black women earned almost 70% of all Associate’s degrees, 66% of Bachelor’s degrees, and a whopping 77% of Master’s degrees and 65% of doctorates. The report also stated that the percentage of U.S. college students who are black increased from 10 to 15% from 1976 to 2012, while the percentage of white students among all U.S. college students fell from 84 to 60%. But, keep reading and see how this is not adding up.

Unfortunately, black women may be the most highly educated, but a recent study found that black women make up 8% of private sector jobs and less than 2% of leadership roles. That tells me that not only are we being overlooked for positions, but we are being overlooked to properly take care of our families while others are purposely being promoted without the credentials that most of our black women have obtained.

Black women earn 0.64 cents to the white man’s $1, but our counterparts, white women, earn 0.78 cents, plus our brothers earn 0.74. Where does that leave us, if everyone else is making more money? How are we to take care of our families?

Tell me your thoughts… #JourneyOfABlackWoman



10 thoughts on “We is Smart…But we make less.

      • I think most will say once we get something, we easily sell out because the serpent knows it will make money…case in point BET! And if you don’t sell, the powers that be will make sure companies don’t solicit or want your business. How do we get pass that? Just asking…. 😊

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      • So true. The difference between then and now is “it’s our season.” I’m not worried about whether or not we get to obtain, my concern is once restoration is delivered unto us, can we as a people hold on to it? Restoration is God’s job, being right in our hearts to hold on to it is our job…God will take care of the enemy…he will bankrupt them and they will literally hand it all back over to us! Our biggest challenge isn’t getting a piece of the pie…it’s getting right with God and each other. We are too divided to hold on to the blessing, we have to begin to unify before anything else, that’s the first step.

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      • I am no longer on Facebook, but you can keep me abreasted here on WP, I would love to keep in communication with liked minded people because we as a people are on the move. And remember, things may appear to be hopeless, but that will serve as a tool of God to disarm the enemy. So Spread The Word!!!

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