Korryn Gaines…Black Men Let us Down Again

I have had to process this for a few days before I write this blog.  Here I go…

I went through Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram to see if anyone, especially our black men, would at least speak out for our beloved Korryn Gaines, who was killed on Monday August 4th.

Backstory: Officers went to the home to serve warrants on Gaines and her boyfriend, Kareem Kiean Courtney, 39, in separate cases. Gaines warrant was in regards to a traffic ticket. Korryn was shot and killed by police; her 5-year-old son was wounded after an hours-long standoff at her Maryland apartment. The incident became a flash point on social media as video taken by Gaines inside her home before the shooting was shared online. See some of the videos below:


When I say I could count on my hands how many times I saw positive responses towards this young black woman losing her life….I am not exaggerating! Now, let me put this into perspective…when any of our black men are shot and killed by police (no matter whether they had a criminal history or not), black women spoke up for you. Black women were on the forefront for you. Black women marched for you. Black women dealt with your negative history. Black women took up for you….NO MATTER WHAT! However, this young lady (who was known to record and report police behavior), has been dragged through the mud for speaking her mind, asserting her rights, and protecting herself and her family. Most of you backwards ass black men can’t protect your d*ck, so how can we depend on your to protect your sons and daughters?? You believe everything the media and the police tell you nowadays? Ok, so on Monday, the police stated in a press conference that the officers/SWAT team received a key to her apartment from the leasing staff. But as of today, police officers kicked the door in after retrieving the key? Also, there’s a video circulating of her at a traffic stop where to some of the people she was belligerent, however, it is her words that told me a different story. No one listened to her when she explained why her car did not have tags. She advised they (the police) stole them and left a note (remember, she is in the process of suing the police department and she is known for recording and documenting police violence against black men). You should listen to her words. Her tone was filled with the attitude of “enough is enough”. She was tired of our own being killed by police and nothing being done about it. Before you say what about black on black crime? When black on black crime happens, 90% of the time, justice is served and the murderer is captured, processed, tried and sent to prison. So, don’t try me today.

Apparently, someone was targeting her and she knew it.

***Contrary to the media…this video was taken a few months ago and not the day before she was killed.THIS WAS NOT THE REASON FOR HER BEING KILLED BY POLICE***

“Although Black women are routinely killed, raped, and beaten by the police, their experiences are rarely foregrounded in popular understandings of police brutality,” said Kimberlé Crenshaw, director of Columbia Law School’s Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies, in her “Say Her Name” report dealing with black women killed by police in 2015. “Yet, inclusion of Black women’s experiences in social movements, media narratives, and policy demands around policing and police brutality is critical to effectively combating racialized state violence for Black communities and other communities of color.”

I could not have said it better myself!

Here’s her son explaining what happened. This is very sad and my prayers are to her family!

Her Instagram page is back up-https://www.instagram.com/shesyourmajesty/?hl=en

So, again…where is the outcry from our black brothers?? When will you fight for us like we fight for you?  I am sick of the bullsh*t today. DO NOT COME FOR KORRYN GAINES TODAY. Do not come for me or my black sisters today. I will not tolerate being downgraded by anyone else….especially my black men. You can google and read more about this but I warn you…do not believe everything that you read and hear.

#SayHerName #JourneyOfABlackWoman #KorrynGaines #DariaWrightAuthor #BlackWomenMatterToo


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