“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
-Benajamin Franklin

Daria Wright is a force to be reckon with and she is not afraid of the backlash.

Among so many authors, Daria Wright is becoming a force of urban fiction that represents non-fiction in a fascinating way. Daria speaks the truth in wanting to help rebuild our communities within the African American communities. She has taken her own experiences growing up in Memphis, TN and combined them with her training in Psychology to distinguish what compels us in a downward spiral while reaching a plateau of helping us out the “barrel” mentality. Daria is not afraid to speak what so many is afraid to share and objectify the wrongs and rights, while making sure we all take the blame within the demise of our community.

Daria Wright’s intellect compels most to believe she is a woman with limited knowledge but listening to the reasoning behind her writing, you will see she has well versed herself in our issues and sees the corrections we need to make. She writes about black women and the need to help the black man to black men needing to take their rightful place at the head of the house.

Wright will definitely make you angry, happy, cry, and think about how WE as African Americans can put an end to the subculture of demeaning blacks. She takes a stand and is the voice we have longed for.

Daria has her debut book entitled, “Protect Me: A Guide to Protect Young Black Women from Black Male Pick-Up Artists. The book is on sale now.